Lupebrille Eschenbach 3x/+12D Noves Sølv E16810413  HMS nr:
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Eschenbach noves® mono
The monocular reading glasses with magnifying lenses.  Ultra-thin, discreet lenses. Attractive design. A new and improved lens production process - ultrasonic welding - protects the high-precision, sensitive diffractive nanostructures on the inside of the lenses even more effectively against mechanical influences and dust.
Discreet lenses and sophisticated frame design - ensures high level of acceptability when wearing in public e.g. for reading the menu in a restaurant
The ideal system for monocular near correction in the case of eye diseases such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy or glaucoma
Suitable for binocular use e.g. in the case of congenital or acquired aphakia
The noves® system achieves outstanding results
The ultra-thin lenses have a thickness of just 4.5 mm and an extremely subtle appearance 
Ultra-light design
The half-eye design facilitates orientation above the glasses

Technical information:
Lens thickness only 4.5 mm
Weight only 20 g
Aspheric lenses with diffractive structure made from PXM® material
Both sides of lenses coated with cera-tec® hard coating
Opposite lens is frosted for monocular use
Spring-hinged frame with adjustable temples, soft nose pads for maximum comfort
Frame size: 41-22
Frame colour: gold-matt or gun-gloss
Supplied with robust hard shell case