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ESC2000 Illuminated ETDRS Cabinet

The ESC2000 Illuminator Cabinet provides a uniform retro-illuminated testing surface, ideal for clinical testing of high contrast and low contrast LogMAR tests, including ETDRS, Lea Symbols, Lea Numbers, Landolt C, etc. The cabinet utilizes a pure-white LED light source. This illuminator, due to the use of new technology LEDs, has a much smaller footprint (only 3.0 inches deep) than traditional ETDRS light boxes. Previous illuminator cabinets use outdated “off the shelf” fluorescent bulbs, which due to the size of the bulbs and short bulb life, require a much larger cabinet (8 inches deep) and are more costly to operate.

The ESC provides for low cost maintenance and usage. The LEDs have a 50,000 hour longevity (20+ years of normal use), compared to fluorescent bulbs, which have to be replaced every 2,000 hours or about once a year. Simply turn on the ESC device and it is ready for testing. For use outside the US, the ESC has a universal power supply that is easily adapted from 100V to 240V, unlike cabinets that use fluorescent bulbs, which require the use of 110V input voltage.

The ESC has a convenient storage cabinet for safe keeping of additional charts when not in use.

ESC2000 Provides

  • Back lit LED light source which provides uniform constant luminance
  • ESC2000 is low maintenance with no bulbs to warm up, burn in or replace
  • Universal power supply*
  • Chart storage in back. Compatible with all existing high contrast (black) ETDRS charts

24.75" H x 25.625" W x 3.0" D (62.86 cm x 65.09 cm x 7.62 cm). CE and CSA listed.

The ESC2000 is sister-product to the ESV3000. The ESV3000 is designed for clinical trials and research. The ESV3000 provides an auto-calibrated light source for two luminance levels, photopic and mesopic, can be upgraded with a glare source, and is operated by wireless remote control.